Frank & Erin Cuevas

We worked with Ryan Rayburn at Centennial Advisers in the fall of 2020 during the Coronavirus pandemic. We wanted to sell our four-unit building in Long Beach, and despite having multiple agents interested in representing the property, we went with Ryan because from the beginning he had the perseverance and follow-through to get things done. 

We trusted Ryan throughout the process, and never felt any pressure from him to take the first offer. He gave us valuable advice and opinions every step of the way. We were out-of-state, but Ryan communicated well and stepped in when needed in our absence.

COVID-19 made our sale more difficult than usual, especially when we needed to relocate four tenants when there was an eviction moratorium in place. Ryan handled extremely difficult negotiations with our tenants and managed to work through each problem we faced. He was professional in handling all aspects of the transaction. 

Although our deal was worth under $1 million, Ryan was fully focused on making it happen and went above and beyond to protect our interests. We highly recommend Ryan and would work with him again in the future.