List Your Building

Ready to List Now?  

Here are the next steps.  

Contact us. We will connect you with an adviser who is an expert in your property type and area. Together, we assess your goals, your property specifics and get your OM (Offering Memorandum) out to the market.  Our advisers then activate their exclusive buyer network to draw immediate interest in your property. Our internal assessment includes feedback from our own advisers, buyers, and other local and national brokers, which we share with you to provide a full picture of the market, from a variety of perspectives. You will be fully informed to make decisions based on that feedback.  

We communicate with you throughout your transaction, keeping you informed every step of the way.   

Not Ready Yet?

We’re ready when you’re ready and we’re happy to meet with you to provide answers to some of the questions you may have, like is this the right time? What is my property worth? If I did sell what would that look like for me? Will selling or holding onto the property help me meet my goals?    

You won’t be rushed to make a decision you’re not ready to make. What we know from experience is that providing clients with lots of consistent information allows the client to make a decision they’re comfortable with in the long term. And it’s simply OUR investment in YOU.    

Read some of our clients’ common questions below, then click on the video and hear a story from one of our clients. Schedule a meeting with one of our advisers when you’re ready.   

Case Study

A Third Generation Property Owner Decided It Was Time to Sell  

Mark Goldman’s family business was started by his grandfather and Mark and his brothers had worked in the business their whole career. But they would need to sell the property in order to meet the financial goals for retirement.

Property Evaluation FAQs

What’s included in a property evaluation?

A full report that includes activity in the neighborhood, the wider market, and how legislation can affect value. We evaluate the physical property, your property income and expenses, and show you comparable buildings in the area. You’ll have a thorough snapshot of your property’s value in the current market.  

What makes you an expert?

We have lots of experience and we work the neighborhoods diligently. Our advisers focus, in detail, on specific property types and local areas. To understand the nuances that affect property values, we meet with owners like yourself and your neighbors.  Each adviser regularly shares their information with other advisers at Centennial to gain deeper insight into the larger market both locally and nationally.  They are simply in the market being experts every day. 

How often do I need a property evaluation? 

There are changes every day to neighborhoods, legislation, industries, finance and rent rolls and leasing rates and we track them. We recommend a property evaluation every 6-12 months, a frequency that will allow you to stay in touch with the market factors that may affect your buying or selling decision.   

Why don’t you charge for an evaluation?

By meeting commercial real estate investors like yourself, we deepen our understanding of the market. We gain valuable insight from everyone we meet. Of course, we do hope to get your business one day, but we know that is earned.  

Will I be pressured to sell my building?

Not by us. Our meeting and property evaluation report is a tool to keep you “in the know,” not to push you into a decision. Our business is based on long-term relationships and helping our clients, so we provide guidance, not pressure.   

Whether you’re ready to sell or not, property evaluations keep you “in the know” so the timing of the sale of your property is right for the market and right for you.