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You may remember Edan-Shalom Gross from television and film. As a child actor for the better part of the 1980’s and 90’s, he appeared in many guest roles on various popular television programs in the 1980s and 1990s including Cheers, Murphy Brown, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Newhart, Highway to Heaven, Married… with Children, Northern Exposure, and Herman’s Head. He was also featured as a regular on the short-lived sitcoms Sweet Surrender (NBC, 1987), Free Spirit (ABC, 1989–1990) and Walter & Emily (NBC, 1991–1992). Additionally, he was the voice of the Good Guy dolls “Chucky” in Child’s Play, the “Corky doll” from the Cricket doll series, the title character of the animated series Little Dracula, Flounder on the animated series The Little Mermaid and Waif in the computer game Return to Zork. He also voiced Tyrone Turtle on Tiny Toon Adventures, Christopher Robin on the Christmas special Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too, Merton on the ABC Weekend Special Runaway Ralph, Bitsy on the Yogi Bear special Yogi’s Great Escape and did various voices on The Ren and Stimpy Show, TaleSpin, Pound Puppies, ProStars, Timeless Tales from Hallmark, Superman and Wally on the television special The Halloween Tree.

After attending UC Berkeley, Edan-Shalom joined a fortune 500 company in their sales department and excelled immediately. His 18 years with The company was marked with many accomplishments as he advanced through every field position. The experience fine-tuned his direct sales, consultative sales, and overall leadership skills, resulting in a successful management tenure including many years as a well-respected and highly sought consultant, sales manager, and franchise owner. In addition, he served on the divisional board as a member and then as Vice President.

Edan-Shalom’s interest in real estate began as a young professional when he was mentored by a landlord who was a very successful investor and California property owner. He learned the basics and fundamentals of sound investing and how to utilize the right strategies at different times in the market cycle. He continued his real estate education over the years by aligning with successful investors in the Multifamily and Commercial properties space, and working to uncover opportunities not available on the open market.

After returning to his hometown of Los Angeles in 2016, Edan-Shalom joined Triqor as an agent and began working with Justin White. He then joined Centennial in 2017 and now uses his expertise and knowledge of the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles Market to help clients maximize the performance of their assets and navigate through complex transactions and situations in their investment portfolios.

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