Meet the team

John Watkins

Investment Adviser

NV S.0194357

Property Type: Multi-Family

Phone: (719) 659-7542


John Watkins was born and raised in the snow and cold of Colorado but after graduating from the University of Colorado with a BA in Communications, he and his wife Nikki had had enough. They needed a change and headed for the warm Las Vegas desert. John started his career creating and managing corporate golf events but his brother, Tom Watkins, had a plan for him. Tom was already a successful Investment Adviser at Centennial Advisers made John a deal. He could still play a lot of golf if he moved into a career in Commercial Real Estate.  

John was a natural at investment real estate and was thrilled for the opportunity to both work with his brother and meet new and interesting people. John specializes in Las Vegas hospitality and multifamily properties and has had listings ranging from $1M-$60M. Regardless of the value of the property, John puts in ample effort to serve his client’s needs.  He always does what’s right for the client, making him one of the most respected Investment Advisers in Vegas.   Give John a call, he’d be happy to give you a complimentary property evaluation.