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  • Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the industry and over 4000 transactions, Centennial Advisers is determined to redefine the client experience. Centennial Advisers is driven by our unyielding dedication to the investment success of high net worth individuals and families. We are the nexus of the best practices in the industry and are committed to utilizing our unique set of skills to uncover incomparable results.

Our experience is gained by closing over 4,000 career transactions.
We have successfully completed over 1,000 1031 exchanges.
Our entire team has more than 100 years on brokerage experience.



  • Our goal is to provide a collaborative supportive brokerage environment that encourage cooperative brokerage and always doing what is in the best interest of the client, the agent and the firm. The goal of our firm is to create an environment that creates long term almost family relationships between, our clients, our staff and management.
  • Our advisors will focus on utilizing their expertise to maximize the performance of our clients investment assets.
  • Our management and support staff will focus on creating a culture that prides itself on providing unequaled support for our advisors.
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What Makes Us Unique

Client Focused

Our entire team works for each client – We follow a simple mantra, do what’s in the best interest of the client. In order to truly accomplish such a lofty goal, it requires the committed, diligent effort of many. At Centennial Advisers, each client is a client of all, and every member of our staff works toward the success of the client. Our culture facilitates collaboration among our people and utilizes proven methods to produce the best results at every stage of your assignment. Historically, our industry has become an environment where office mates may not know what each other are doing. At Centennial, not only will everyone know your goals and criteria, but throughout the process, the team dedicated to your transaction will grow as different specialists are utilized to maximize your experience.

Power of Many

Delivering optimum results in investment sales is not a solo endeavor. Information can be scarce and time sensitive. Likewise, a single agent often times experiences difficulty gathering all the necessary information to make the best real-time decisions. Our brokers meet regularly to share best practices, recent market data, and ideas in a committed effort to get the best information in the hands of every owner we serve. Through collaboration, the Centennial process ensures that all critical information is shared amongst the entire team and is used to guide our clients toward the best investment decisions. Agents are rewarded for their efforts to improve the team as a whole and understand that they can best serve their clients better by working in a collaborative “best practices” environment.

Maximized Resources

More time for our advisers to do what they do best – Centennial has designed its process and infrastructure to maximize our resources for the benefit of our clients and advisers. Centennial is committed to giving our advisers more “selling” time than any firm in the industry. We invest heavily in support staff, so each team member can “spend [their] time doing what they do best”. Utilizing the expertise of market analysts, escrow officers and graphic artists, our clients get the best of the best throughout every phase of an engagement.

Technological Flexibility

The information age has changed the way business is done. Centennial strives to efficiently utilize the latest and greatest technological tools. Our technology team is constantly monitoring new platforms to maximize the client experience. From managing its client contacts, to implementing the most captivating marketing mediums, we strive to use technology to provide the “Nordstrom” experience to every client we represent.

Brokerage Expertise

Every Centennial Adviser commits to skill and business development in our regular business planning meetings. Facilitated by the firm, advisers have multiple options each week to develop their skills in a variety of topics, such as improving their negotiation techniques, and understanding the latest potential exit strategies or refining their presentation. With 3-7 hours of skill development per week, often times with leading 3rd party experts, our team is given the best tools, therefore enhancing our ability to deliver record setting results, while improving the quality of the client experience.

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